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glibc  2.9
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utmp.h File Reference
#include <paths.h>
#include <time.h>

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struct  lastlog
struct  utmp


#define UT_NAMESIZE   8
#define UT_LINESIZE   8
#define UT_HOSTSIZE   16
#define ut_name   ut_user
#define _HAVE_UT_HOST   1 /* We have the ut_host field. */

Class Documentation

struct lastlog

Definition at line 33 of file utmp.h.

Class Members
char ll_host
char ll_line
time_t ll_time
__time_t ll_time
struct utmp

Definition at line 40 of file utmp.h.

Collaboration diagram for utmp:
Class Members
char __unused
int32_t ut_addr_v6
struct exit_status ut_exit
char ut_host
char ut_id
char ut_line
short int ut_pid
pid_t ut_pid
long int ut_session
long int ut_time
__time_t ut_time
short int ut_type
char ut_user

Define Documentation

#define _HAVE_UT_HOST   1 /* We have the ut_host field. */

Definition at line 50 of file utmp.h.

#define UT_HOSTSIZE   16

Definition at line 30 of file utmp.h.

#define UT_LINESIZE   8

Definition at line 29 of file utmp.h.

#define ut_name   ut_user

Definition at line 44 of file utmp.h.

#define UT_NAMESIZE   8

Definition at line 28 of file utmp.h.