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gcompris  8.2.2
py-mod-timer.h File Reference
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void python_gc_timer_module_init (void)

Function Documentation

void python_gc_timer_module_init ( void  )

Definition at line 136 of file py-mod-timer.c.

  PyObject* module;
  module = Py_InitModule("_gcompris_timer", PythonGcomprisTimerModule);

  /* TimerList constants */
  PyModule_AddIntConstant(module, "TEXT", GCOMPRIS_TIMER_TEXT );
  PyModule_AddIntConstant(module, "SAND", GCOMPRIS_TIMER_SAND );
  PyModule_AddIntConstant(module, "BALLOON", GCOMPRIS_TIMER_BALLOON );
  PyModule_AddIntConstant(module, "CLOCK", GCOMPRIS_TIMER_CLOCK );

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