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gcompris  8.2.2
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py-gcompris-board.h File Reference
#include <Python.h>
#include "gcompris/gcompris.h"
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struct  pyGcomprisBoardObject


PyObject * gcompris_new_pyGcomprisBoardObject (GcomprisBoard *aboard)

Class Documentation

struct pyGcomprisBoardObject

Definition at line 9 of file py-gcompris-board.h.

Class Members
PyObject_HEAD GcomprisBoard * cdata

Function Documentation

PyObject* gcompris_new_pyGcomprisBoardObject ( GcomprisBoard *  aboard)

Definition at line 13 of file py-gcompris-board.c.

  pyGcomprisBoardObject* theboard = NULL;

  theboard = PyObject_New(pyGcomprisBoardObject, &pyGcomprisBoardType);
  if (theboard!=NULL)
    theboard->cdata = aboard;

  return (PyObject*)theboard;

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