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gcompris  8.2.2
gcompris-board.h File Reference
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struct  _GcomprisBoard

Class Documentation

struct _GcomprisBoard

Definition at line 29 of file gcompris-board.h.

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Class Members
gchar * author
gchar * board_dir
guint board_id
gboolean board_ready
gchar * boarddir
GnomeCanvas * canvas
gchar * credit
gchar * description
gchar * difficulty
gboolean disable_im_context
gchar * filename
GModule * gmodule
gchar * gmodule_file
gchar * goal
gint16 height
gchar * icon_name
guint level
gchar * mandatory_sound_dataset
gchar * mandatory_sound_file
gchar * manual
guint maxlevel
gchar * menuposition
gchar * mode
gchar * name
guint number_of_sublevel
BoardPlugin * plugin
gchar * prerequisite
GcomprisBoard * previous_board
gchar * section
guint section_id
guint sublevel
gchar * title
gchar * type
gint16 width