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freedink-data  1.08.20080920
S4-TREE.c File Reference

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void main (void)
void hit (void)
void talk (void)

Function Documentation

void hit ( void  )

Definition at line 6 of file S4-TREE.c.

  &crap = random(5, 1); 
if (&crap == 1)
 say_stop("`4OUCH!", &current_sprite);
if (&crap == 2)
 say_stop("`4There is a rock near the Duck Idol with a crack in it...", &current_sprite);
if (&crap == 3)
 say_stop("`4Please sir, don't hurt me, the talking tree of the east!", &current_sprite);
if (&crap == 4)
 say_stop("`4That one smarted!", &current_sprite);
if (&crap == 5)
 say_stop("`4That's gonna leave a mark!", &current_sprite);


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void main ( void  )

Definition at line 1 of file S4-TREE.c.

 int &crap;
void talk ( void  )

Definition at line 22 of file S4-TREE.c.

 say("It's an apple tree.", 1);