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freedink-data  1.08.20080920
S4-ROCK.c File Reference

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void hit (void)

Function Documentation

void hit ( void  )

Definition at line 1 of file S4-ROCK.c.

int &rcrap = compare_sprite_script(&missle_source, "dam-bomn");
if (&rcrap == 1)
  //rock just got hit by a sprite with a script named dam-bomn, I'm gonna
  //guess it was the bomb.

  //remove rocks hardness and sprite
  sp_hard(&current_sprite, 1);
  sp_active(&current_sprite, 0);

  //remove the cracks as well, as they would look silly now

  &rcrap = sp(16);
  sp_active(&rcrap, 0);
  &rcrap = sp(26);
  sp_active(&rcrap, 0);

  //play 'found something special' sound

  playsound(43, 22050, 0,0,0);
  &s4-duck = 1;


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