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freedink-data  1.08.20080920
BAR-E.c File Reference

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void main (void)
void hit (void)

Function Documentation

void hit ( void  )

Definition at line 8 of file BAR-E.c.

  //play noise
  playsound(37, 22050, 0,0,0);
  int &hold = sp_editor_num(&current_sprite);

  if (&hold != 0)
     //this was placed by the editor, lets make the barrel stay flat
     editor_type(&hold, 3); 
     editor_seq(&hold, 173);
     editor_frame(&hold, 6);
     //type means show this seq/frame combo as background in the future
  sp_seq(&current_sprite, 173);
  sp_brain(&current_sprite, 5);
  sp_notouch(&current_sprite, 1);
  sp_nohit(&current_sprite, 1);
  sp_hard(&current_sprite, 1);
  //sprite ain't hard no more!  Let's redraw the hard map in one area

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void main ( void  )

Definition at line 3 of file BAR-E.c.