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fet  5.18.0
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HelpOnImperfectConstraints Class Reference

#include <helponimperfectconstraints.h>

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static void help (QWidget *parent)

Private Member Functions

 Q_DECLARE_TR_FUNCTIONS (HelpOnImperfectConstraints)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file helponimperfectconstraints.h.

Member Function Documentation

void HelpOnImperfectConstraints::help ( QWidget *  parent) [static]

Definition at line 24 of file helponimperfectconstraints.cpp.

       QString s=tr("Important information about imperfect constraints:");
       s+=tr("The imperfect constraints are 6: students (set) max gaps per day and teacher(s) or students (set) activity tag max hours daily.");

       s+=tr("You are advised to leave the imperfect constraints as a last resort if you really need them. Generate the timetable with all other constraints"
        " and only after that you may try them. The imperfect constraints may make your timetable too hard to find or even impossible, in some conditions.");
       s+=tr("Notation: ATS = affected students set or teacher - the teacher or students specified in an imperfect constraint.");

       s+=tr("Max gaps per day: it is not fully optimized for use with other constraints for students: min/max hours daily. It is also not tested thoroughly.");
       s+=" ";
       s+=tr("If your students need 0 maximum total gaps, do not use max gaps per day constraint, better use the safe and tested max gaps per week (with 0 gaps allowed).");
       s+=tr("Activity tag max hours daily: it is not fully optimized for this situation: if the ATS have max gaps constraints and the number of total available slots per week"
        " for the ATS is much larger than the working hours per week and the ATS has many activities with the specified activity tag (more than 0.5-0.75 of total hours)"
        ". In such cases, a remedy may be to add constraint ATS max hours daily (without specifying an activity tag).");
       s+=tr("Read FAQ question 1/25 September 2009 for some more details about activity tag max hours daily constraint.");

       LongTextMessageBox::largeInformation(parent, tr("FET information"), s);

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