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extremetuxracer  0.5beta
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signal.h File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
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class  pp::BaseArgument
class  pp::Argument0
class  pp::Argument1< R1 >
class  pp::Argument2< R1, R2 >
class  pp::BaseSlot
class  pp::Slot0< T >
class  pp::Slot1< T, R1 >
class  pp::Slot2< T, R1, R2 >
class  pp::BaseSignal
class  pp::Signal0
class  pp::Signal1< R1 >
class  pp::Signal2< R1, R2 >


namespace  pp


template<class T >
BaseSlot * pp::CreateSlot (T *rcv, void(T::*sl)())
template<class T , class R1 >
BaseSlot * pp::CreateSlot (T *rcv, void(T::*sl)(R1))
template<class T , class R1 , class R2 >
BaseSlot * pp::CreateSlot (T *rcv, void(T::*sl)(R1, R2))