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extremetuxracer  0.5beta
quadsquare Member List
This is the complete list of members for quadsquare, including all inherited members.
AddHeightMap(const quadcornerdata &cd, const HeightMapInfo &hm)quadsquare
BoxTest(int x, int z, float size, float miny, float maxy, float error, const float Viewer[3])quadsquare [private]
Childquadsquare [private]
ClipSquare(const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
CreateChild(int index, const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
Dirtyquadsquare [private]
DrawEnvmapTris(GLuint MapTexId, int terrain)quadsquare [private, static]
DrawTris(int terrain)quadsquare [private, static]
EnableChild(int index, const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
EnableDescendant(int count, int stack[], const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
EnabledFlagsquadsquare [private]
EnableEdgeVertex(int index, const bool IncrementCount, const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
Errorquadsquare [private]
ForceEastVertquadsquare [private]
ForceSouthVertquadsquare [private]
GetHeight(const quadcornerdata &cd, const float x, const float z)quadsquare
GetNeighbor(const int dir, const quadcornerdata &cd) const quadsquare [private]
InitArrayCounters()quadsquare [private, static]
InitVert(const int i, const int x, const int z)quadsquare [inline, private]
MakeNoBlendTri(int a, int b, int c, int terrain)quadsquare [inline, private, static]
MakeSpecialTri(int a, int b, int c)quadsquare [inline, private, static]
MakeTri(int a, int b, int c, int terrain)quadsquare [inline, private, static]
MaxYquadsquare [private]
MinYquadsquare [private]
NotifyChildDisable(const quadcornerdata &cd, int index)quadsquare [private]
NumRowsquadsquare [private, static]
quadsquare(quadcornerdata *pcd)quadsquare
RecomputeError(const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare
Render(const quadcornerdata &cd, GLubyte *vnc_array)quadsquare
RenderAux(const quadcornerdata &cd, clip_result_t vi)quadsquare [private]
RenderAuxSpezial(const quadcornerdata &cd, clip_result_t vis)quadsquare [private]
ResetTree()quadsquare [private]
RowSizequadsquare [private, static]
ScaleXquadsquare [private, static]
ScaleZquadsquare [private, static]
SetScale(const float x, const float z)quadsquare [inline]
SetStatic(const quadcornerdata &cd)quadsquare [private]
SetTerrain(int *terrain)quadsquare [inline]
SetupCornerData(quadcornerdata *q, const quadcornerdata &pd, const int ChildIndex)quadsquare [private]
Staticquadsquare [private]
StaticCullAux(const quadcornerdata &cd, const float ThresholdDetail, const int TargetLevel)quadsquare [private]
StaticCullData(const quadcornerdata &cd, const float ThresholdDetail)quadsquare
SubEnabledCountquadsquare [private]
Terrainquadsquare [private, static]
Update(const quadcornerdata &cd, const float ViewerLocation[3], const float Detail)quadsquare
UpdateAux(const quadcornerdata &cd, const float ViewerLocation[3], const float CenterError, clip_result_t vis)quadsquare [private]
Vertexquadsquare [private]
VertexArrayCounterquadsquare [private, static]
VertexArrayIndicesquadsquare [private, static]
VertexArrayMaxIdxquadsquare [private, static]
VertexArrayMinIdxquadsquare [private, static]
VertexTest(int x, float y, int z, float error, const float Viewer[3], int level, vertex_loc_t vertex_loc)quadsquare [private]