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enigmail  1.4.3
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nsIPipeTransport.idl File Reference
import "nsIPipeListener.idl";
#include "nsIProcess.idl"

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interface  nsIPipeTransport
 The nsIPipeTransport interface executes a file in a new process and communicates with the process using pipes. More...
interface  nsIPipeTransportHeaders
 nsIPipeTransportHeaders is a helper interface to parse MIME headers as specified by RFC 822. More...
interface  nsIPipeTransportListener
 nsIPipeTransportListener is a helper interface for nsIPipeTransport. More...
interface  nsIPipeReader


#define NS_PIPETRANSPORT_CLASSNAME   "Pipe Transport"

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{ /* 8431e101-7ab1-11d4-8f02-a06008948af5 */     \
   0x8431e101, 0x7ab1, 0x11d4,                   \
{0x8f, 0x02, 0xa0, 0x60, 0x08, 0x94, 0x8a, 0xf5} }

Definition at line 55 of file nsIPipeTransport.idl.

#define NS_PIPETRANSPORT_CLASSNAME   "Pipe Transport"

Definition at line 52 of file nsIPipeTransport.idl.


Definition at line 53 of file nsIPipeTransport.idl.