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enigmail  1.4.3
build.win32.autobinscope Namespace Reference


string BINSCOPE_OUTPUT_LOGFILE = r".\binscope_xml_output.log"
list binary_path = sys.argv[1]
list symbol_path = sys.argv[2]
list log_file_path = sys.argv[3]
list binscope_path = os.environ['BINSCOPE']
tuple proc
tuple output = proc.communicate()

Variable Documentation

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string build.win32.autobinscope.BINSCOPE_OUTPUT_LOGFILE = r".\binscope_xml_output.log"

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list build.win32.autobinscope.binscope_path = os.environ['BINSCOPE']

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tuple build.win32.autobinscope.output = proc.communicate()

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Initial value:
00001 subprocess.Popen([binscope_path, "/target", binary_path,
00002     "/output", log_file_path, "/sympath", symbol_path,
00003     "/c", "ATLVersionCheck", "/c", "ATLVulnCheck", "/c", "FunctionPointersCheck",
00004     "/c", "SharedSectionCheck", "/c", "APTCACheck", "/c", "NXCheck",
00005     "/c", "GSCheck", "/c", "GSFunctionSafeBuffersCheck", "/c", "GSFriendlyInitCheck",
00006     "/c", "CompilerVersionCheck", "/c", "SafeSEHCheck", "/c", "SNCheck",
00007     "/c", "DBCheck"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

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