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enigmail  1.4.3
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unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveDeflated Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def leaf
def setUp
def tearDown

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 compression = zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED
string stage = "mozzipfilestage"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 229 of file

Member Function Documentation

def unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveStored.leaf (   self,
) [inherited]

Definition at line 152 of file

00153   def leaf(self, *leafs):
    return os.path.join(self.stage, *leafs)

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def unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveStored.setUp (   self) [inherited]

Definition at line 154 of file

00155   def setUp(self):
00156     if os.path.exists(self.stage):
00157       shutil.rmtree(self.stage)
00158     os.mkdir(self.stage)
00159     self.f = self.leaf('test.jar')
00160     self.ref = {}
00161     self.seed = 0
def unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveStored.tearDown (   self) [inherited]

Definition at line 162 of file

00163   def tearDown(self):
00164     self.f = None
00165     self.ref = None

Member Data Documentation

unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveDeflated.compression = zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED [static]

Reimplemented from unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveStored.

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string unitMozZipFile.TestExtensiveStored.stage = "mozzipfilestage" [static, inherited]

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