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enigmail  1.4.3
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runtests.TestIIDString Class Reference

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def test_iid_str_roundtrip
def test_iid_roundtrip

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00081     def test_iid_roundtrip(self):
00082         iid = "\x11\x22\x33\x44\x55\x66\x77\x88\x99\x00\xaa\xbb\xcc\xdd\xee\xff"
00083         iid_str = xpt.Typelib.iid_to_string(iid)
00084         self.assertEqual(iid, xpt.Typelib.string_to_iid(iid_str))

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00076     def test_iid_str_roundtrip(self):
00077         iid_str = "11223344-5566-7788-9900-aabbccddeeff"
00078         iid = xpt.Typelib.string_to_iid(iid_str)
00079         self.assertEqual(iid_str, xpt.Typelib.iid_to_string(iid))

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