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enigmail  1.4.3
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ply.yacc.YaccSymbol Class Reference

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def __str__
def __repr__

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00181     def __repr__(self):   return str(self)
00183 # This class is a wrapper around the objects actually passed to each
00184 # grammar rule.   Index lookup and assignment actually assign the
00185 # .value attribute of the underlying YaccSymbol object.
00186 # The lineno() method returns the line number of a given
00187 # item (or 0 if not defined).   The linespan() method returns
00188 # a tuple of (startline,endline) representing the range of lines
00189 # for a symbol.  The lexspan() method returns a tuple (lexpos,endlexpos)
00190 # representing the range of positional information for a symbol.

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    def __str__(self):    return self.type

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