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enigmail  1.4.3
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ply.lex.LexToken Class Reference

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def __str__
def __repr__

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file

Member Function Documentation

def ply.lex.LexToken.__repr__ (   self)

Definition at line 72 of file

00073     def __repr__(self):
00074         return str(self)
00076 # This object is a stand-in for a logging object created by the 
00077 # logging module.  

def ply.lex.LexToken.__str__ (   self)

Definition at line 70 of file

00071     def __str__(self):
        return "LexToken(%s,%r,%d,%d)" % (self.type,self.value,self.lineno,self.lexpos)

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