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enigmail  1.4.3
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configobj.SimpleVal Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def check

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A simple validator.
Can be used to check that all members expected are present.

To use it, provide a configspec with all your members in (the value given
will be ignored). Pass an instance of ``SimpleVal`` to the ``validate``
method of your ``ConfigObj``. ``validate`` will return ``True`` if all
members are present, or a dictionary with True/False meaning
present/missing. (Whole missing sections will be replaced with ``False``)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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02148     def __init__(self):
02149         self.baseErrorClass = ConfigObjError

Member Function Documentation

def configobj.SimpleVal.check (   self,
  missing = False 
A dummy check method, always returns the value unchanged.

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02151     def check(self, check, member, missing=False):
02152         """A dummy check method, always returns the value unchanged."""
02153         if missing:
02154             raise self.baseErrorClass
02155         return member
# Check / processing functions for options

Member Data Documentation

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