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enigmail  1.4.3
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build.manifestparser.WriteCLI Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __call__
def parser

Static Public Attributes

string usage = '%prog [options] write manifest <manifest> -tag1 -tag2 --key1=value1 --key2=value2 ...'

Detailed Description

write a manifest based on a query

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Member Function Documentation

def build.manifestparser.WriteCLI.__call__ (   self,

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00969     def __call__(self, options, args):
00971         # parse the arguments
00972         try:
00973             kwargs, tags, args = parse_args(args)
00974         except ParserError, e:
00975             self._parser.error(e.message)
00977         # make sure we have some manifests, otherwise it will
00978         # be quite boring
00979         if not args:
00980             HelpCLI(self._parser)(options, ['write'])
00981             return
00983         # read the manifests
00984         # TODO: should probably ensure these exist here
00985         manifests = ManifestParser()
00988         # print the resultant query
00989         manifests.write(global_tags=tags, global_kwargs=kwargs)

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def build.manifestparser.CLICommand.parser (   self) [inherited]

Reimplemented in build.manifestparser.CreateCLI.

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00900     def parser(self):
00901       return OptionParser(usage=self.usage, description=self.__doc__,
00902                           add_help_option=False)

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Member Data Documentation

string build.manifestparser.WriteCLI.usage = '%prog [options] write manifest <manifest> -tag1 -tag2 --key1=value1 --key2=value2 ...' [static]

Reimplemented from build.manifestparser.CLICommand.

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