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enigmail  1.4.3
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build.manifestparser.CreateCLI Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def parser
def __call__

Static Public Attributes

string usage = '%prog [options] create directory <directory> <...>'

Detailed Description

create a manifest from a list of directories

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Member Function Documentation

def build.manifestparser.CreateCLI.__call__ (   self,

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00945     def __call__(self, _options, args):
00946         parser = self.parser()
00947         options, args = parser.parse_args(args)
00949         # need some directories
00950         if not len(args):
00951             parser.print_usage()
00952             return
00954         # add the directories to the manifest
00955         for arg in args:
00956             assert os.path.exists(arg)
00957             assert os.path.isdir(arg)
00958             manifest = convert(args, pattern=options.pattern, ignore=options.ignore,
00959                                write=options.in_place)
00960         if manifest:
00961             print manifest

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Reimplemented from build.manifestparser.CLICommand.

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00934     def parser(self):
00935         parser = CLICommand.parser(self)
00936         parser.add_option('-p', '--pattern', dest='pattern',
00937                           help="glob pattern for files")
00938         parser.add_option('-i', '--ignore', dest='ignore',
00939                           default=[], action='append',
00940                           help='directories to ignore')
00941         parser.add_option('-w', '--in-place', dest='in_place',
00942                           help='Write .ini files in place; filename to write to')
00943         return parser

Member Data Documentation

string build.manifestparser.CreateCLI.usage = '%prog [options] create directory <directory> <...>' [static]

Reimplemented from build.manifestparser.CLICommand.

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