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JarMaker.ZipEntry Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def write
def close

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Detailed Description

Helper class for jar output.

This class defines a simple file-like object for a zipfile.ZipEntry
so that we can consecutively write to it and then close it.
This methods hooks into ZipFile.writestr on close().

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def JarMaker.ZipEntry.__init__ (   self,

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00073   def __init__(self, name, zipfile):
00074     self._zipfile = zipfile
00075     self._name = name
00076     self._inner = StringIO()

Member Function Documentation

def JarMaker.ZipEntry.close (   self)

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00083   def close(self):
00084     'The close method writes the content back to the zip file.'
00085     self._zipfile.writestr(self._name, self._inner.getvalue())

def JarMaker.ZipEntry.write (   self,

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00078   def write(self, content):
00079     'Append the given content to this zip entry'
00080     self._inner.write(content)
00081     return

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