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ElfRelHackCode_Section::arm_plt32_relocation Class Reference

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Elf32_Addr operator() (unsigned int base_addr, Elf32_Off offset, Elf32_Word addend, unsigned int addr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 242 of file elfhack.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Elf32_Addr ElfRelHackCode_Section::arm_plt32_relocation::operator() ( unsigned int  base_addr,
Elf32_Off  offset,
Elf32_Word  addend,
unsigned int  addr 
) [inline]

Definition at line 244 of file elfhack.cpp.

            // We don't care about sign_extend because the only case where this is
            // going to be used only jumps forward.
            Elf32_Addr tmp = (Elf32_Addr) (addr - offset - base_addr) >> 2;
            tmp = (addend + tmp) & 0x00ffffff;
            return (addend & 0xff000000) | tmp;

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