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CellRendererTextish Class Reference

#include <win.h>

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Public Types

enum  Mode { TEXT, KEY, POPUP, COMBO }
typedef sigc::signal< void,
const Glib::ustring &, guint,
Gdk::ModifierType, guint > 
typedef sigc::signal< void,
const Glib::ustring &, guint > 

Public Member Functions

 CellRendererTextish ()
key_editedsignal_key_edited ()
combo_editedsignal_combo_edited ()

Public Attributes

Mode mode
const char ** items

Protected Member Functions

virtual Gtk::CellEditable * start_editing_vfunc (GdkEvent *event, Gtk::Widget &widget, const Glib::ustring &path, const Gdk::Rectangle &background_area, const Gdk::Rectangle &cell_area, Gtk::CellRendererState flags)

Private Attributes

key_edited signal_key_edited_
combo_edited signal_combo_edited_

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef sigc::signal<void, const Glib::ustring&, guint> CellRendererTextish::combo_edited

Definition at line 40 of file win.h.

typedef sigc::signal<void, const Glib::ustring&, guint, Gdk::ModifierType, guint> CellRendererTextish::key_edited

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Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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: mode(TEXT) {}

Member Function Documentation

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{ return signal_key_edited_; }

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Gtk::CellEditable * CellRendererTextish::start_editing_vfunc ( GdkEvent *  event,
Gtk::Widget &  widget,
const Glib::ustring &  path,
const Gdk::Rectangle &  background_area,
const Gdk::Rectangle &  cell_area,
Gtk::CellRendererState  flags 
) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 142 of file

       if (!property_editable())
                  return 0;
       switch (mode) {
              case TEXT:
                     return Gtk::CellRendererText::start_editing_vfunc(event, widget, path, background_area, cell_area, flags);
              case KEY:
                     return Gtk::manage(new CellEditableAccel(this, path, widget));
              case COMBO:
                     return Gtk::manage(new CellEditableCombo(this, path, widget, items));
              case POPUP:
                     return Gtk::manage(new CellEditableDummy);
       return NULL;

Member Data Documentation

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