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courier  0.68.2
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unicode_htmlent.c File Reference
#include "unicode_config.h"
#include "unicode.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "unicode_htmlent.h"

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struct  i


static int compar (const void *key, const void *obj)
unicode_char unicode_html40ent_lookup (const char *n)

Class Documentation

struct i

Definition at line 8 of file enttest.c.

Class Members
size_t n_size
size_t n_start
unicode_char v

Function Documentation

static int compar ( const void *  key,
const void *  obj 
) [static]

Definition at line 21 of file unicode_htmlent.c.

       size_t j;
       const char *p=n + ((const struct i *)obj)->n_start;
       const char *ckey=(const char *)key;

       for (j=0; j<((const struct i *)obj)->n_size; ++j)
              if (*ckey < *p)
                     return -1;

              if (*ckey > *p)
                     return 1;


       if (*ckey)
              return 1;

       return 0;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Definition at line 45 of file unicode_htmlent.c.

       const struct i *ptr=
              (const struct i *)bsearch(n, ii,
                                     sizeof(ii[0]), compar);

       if (ptr)
              return ptr->v;
       return 0;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function: