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courier  0.68.2
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textdomain.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "gettextP.h"
#include "libgnuintl.h"
#include "lock.h"

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#define TEXTDOMAIN   libintl_textdomain


 gl_rwlock_define (extern, _nl_state_lock attribute_hidden) char *TEXTDOMAIN(const char *domainname)

Define Documentation

#define TEXTDOMAIN   libintl_textdomain

Definition at line 56 of file textdomain.c.

Function Documentation

gl_rwlock_define ( extern  ,
_nl_state_lock  attribute_hidden 
) const

Definition at line 60 of file textdomain.c.

  char *new_domain;
  char *old_domain;

  /* A NULL pointer requests the current setting.  */
  if (domainname == NULL)
    return (char *) _nl_current_default_domain;

  gl_rwlock_wrlock (_nl_state_lock);

  old_domain = (char *) _nl_current_default_domain;

  /* If domain name is the null string set to default domain "messages".  */
  if (domainname[0] == '\0'
      || strcmp (domainname, _nl_default_default_domain) == 0)
      _nl_current_default_domain = _nl_default_default_domain;
      new_domain = (char *) _nl_current_default_domain;
  else if (strcmp (domainname, old_domain) == 0)
    /* This can happen and people will use it to signal that some
       environment variable changed.  */
    new_domain = old_domain;
      /* If the following malloc fails `_nl_current_default_domain'
        will be NULL.  This value will be returned and so signals we
        are out of core.  */
#if defined _LIBC || defined HAVE_STRDUP
      new_domain = strdup (domainname);
      size_t len = strlen (domainname) + 1;
      new_domain = (char *) malloc (len);
      if (new_domain != NULL)
       memcpy (new_domain, domainname, len);

      if (new_domain != NULL)
       _nl_current_default_domain = new_domain;

  /* We use this possibility to signal a change of the loaded catalogs
     since this is most likely the case and there is no other easy we
     to do it.  Do it only when the call was successful.  */
  if (new_domain != NULL)

      if (old_domain != new_domain && old_domain != _nl_default_default_domain)
       free (old_domain);

  gl_rwlock_unlock (_nl_state_lock);

  return new_domain;

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