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rfc2045xdump.c File Reference
#include "rfc2045.h"
#include <stdio.h>

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#define DUMP(s, n)   if ( (s) ) { printf("%*s%s: %s\n", level*4, "", n, (s)); }


static void dodump (struct rfc2045 *p, int level)
void rfc2045_xdump (struct rfc2045 *p)

Define Documentation

#define DUMP (   s,
)    if ( (s) ) { printf("%*s%s: %s\n", level*4, "", n, (s)); }

Definition at line 11 of file rfc2045xdump.c.

Function Documentation

static void dodump ( struct rfc2045 p,
int  level 
) [static]

Definition at line 15 of file rfc2045xdump.c.

       if (!p->isdummy)
              printf("%*sMessage start %ld, end %ld, startbody %ld, endbody %ld.\n", level*4,
                     "", (long)p->startpos, (long)p->endpos,
                     (long)p->startbody, (long)p->endbody);
              DUMP(p->mime_version, "Mime-Version")
              DUMP(p->content_type, "Content-Type")
              DUMP(rfc2045_getattr(p->content_type_attr, "charset"),
              DUMP(p->content_transfer_encoding, "Transfer Encoding")
              DUMP(rfc2045_getattr(p->content_type_attr, "boundary"),
              DUMP(p->content_disposition, "Content Disposition")
              DUMP(rfc2045_getattr(p->content_disposition_attr, "name"),
                                                 "Disposition Name")
              DUMP(rfc2045_getattr(p->content_disposition_attr, "filename"),
                                                 "Disposition Filename")

       for (p=p->firstpart; p; p=p->next)
              printf("%*s{\n", level*4, "");
              dodump(p, level+1);
              printf("%*s}\n", level*4, "");

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void rfc2045_xdump ( struct rfc2045 p)

Definition at line 44 of file rfc2045xdump.c.

       dodump(p, 0);

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