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courier  0.68.2
rfc2045searchcontenttype.c File Reference
#include "rfc2045_config.h"
#include "rfc2045.h"

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struct rfc2045rfc2045_searchcontenttype (struct rfc2045 *rfc, const char *ct)

Function Documentation

struct rfc2045* rfc2045_searchcontenttype ( struct rfc2045 rfc,
const char *  ct 
) [read]

Definition at line 21 of file rfc2045searchcontenttype.c.

       const  char *content_type, *dummy;
       struct rfc2045 *p;

        rfc2045_mimeinfo(rfc, &content_type, &dummy, &dummy);
       if (strcmp(content_type, ct) == 0)
              return (rfc);

       for (p=rfc->firstpart; p; p=p->next)
              if (p->isdummy)      continue;
              rfc2045_mimeinfo(p, &content_type, &dummy, &dummy);
              if (strcmp(content_type, ct) == 0)
              if (strncmp(content_type, "multipart/", 10) == 0)
                     return(rfc2045_searchcontenttype(p, ct));

       return (p);

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