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courier  0.68.2
Buffer Member List
This is the complete list of members for Buffer, including all inherited members.
append(int)Buffer [private]
append(const void *, int)Buffer
append(const char *p)Buffer [inline]
append(unsigned long n)Buffer
bufBuffer [private]
Buffer()Buffer [inline]
Buffer(const Buffer &)Buffer
buflengthBuffer [private]
bufsizeBuffer [private]
Int(const char *=0) const Buffer
Length() const Buffer [inline]
Length(int l)Buffer [inline]
operator const char *() const Buffer [inline]
operator const unsigned char *() const Buffer [inline]
operator+=(const Buffer &p)Buffer [inline]
operator+=(const char *p)Buffer [inline]
operator+=(char c)Buffer [inline]
operator-(const Buffer &) const Buffer
operator-(const char *) const Buffer
operator=(const Buffer &)Buffer
operator=(const char *p)Buffer [inline]
operator==(const Buffer &b) const Buffer [inline]
operator==(const char *b) const Buffer [inline]
peek()Buffer [inline]
pop()Buffer [inline]
Ptr() const Buffer [inline]
push(int c)Buffer [inline]
reset()Buffer [inline]
set(const char *)Buffer
set(unsigned long n)Buffer [inline]
~Buffer()Buffer [inline]