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citadel  8.12
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00001 int is_known (struct ctdlroom *roombuf, int roomnum,
00002              struct ctdluser *userbuf);
00003 int has_newmsgs (struct ctdlroom *roombuf, int roomnum,
00004                struct ctdluser *userbuf);
00005 int is_zapped (struct ctdlroom *roombuf, int roomnum,
00006               struct ctdluser *userbuf);
00007 void b_putroom(struct ctdlroom *qrbuf, char *room_name);
00008 void b_deleteroom(char *);
00009 void lgetfloor (struct floor *flbuf, int floor_num);
00010 void lputfloor (struct floor *flbuf, int floor_num);
00011 int sort_msglist (long int *listptrs, int oldcount);
00012 void list_roomname(struct ctdlroom *qrbuf, int ra, int current_view, int default_view);
00014 void convert_room_name_macros(char *towhere, size_t maxlen);