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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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sym.h File Reference
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struct  HDRR
struct  fdr
struct  pdr
struct  SYMR
struct  ecoff_extr
struct  TIR
struct  RNDXR
struct  DNR
union  AUXU
struct  OPTR


#define cbHDRR   sizeof(HDRR)
#define hdrNil   ((pHDRR)0)
#define cbFDR   sizeof(FDR)
#define fdNil   ((pFDR)0)
#define ifdNil   -1
#define ifdTemp   0
#define ilnNil   -1
#define cbPDR   sizeof(PDR)
#define pdNil   ((pPDR) 0)
#define ipdNil   -1
#define lineNil   ((pLINER)0)
#define cbLINER   sizeof(LINER)
#define ilineNil   -1
#define symNil   ((pSYMR)0)
#define cbSYMR   sizeof(SYMR)
#define isymNil   -1
#define indexNil   0xfffff
#define issNil   -1
#define issNull   0
#define IssFSb(sb)   (0x80000000 | ((unsigned long)(sb)))
#define extNil   ((pEXTR)0)
#define cbEXTR   sizeof(EXTR)
#define cbTIR   sizeof(TIR)
#define tiNil   ((pTIR)0)
#define itqMax   6
#define cbRNDXR   sizeof(RNDXR)
#define rndxNil   ((pRNDXR)0)
#define cbDNR   sizeof(DNR)
#define dnNil   ((pDNR)0)
#define cAuxMax   (6 + (idimMax*3))
#define cbAUXU   sizeof(AUXU)
#define auxNil   ((pAUXU)0)
#define iauxNil   -1
#define optNil   ((pOPTR) 0)
#define cbOPTR   sizeof(OPTR)
#define ioptNil   -1
#define cbRFDT   sizeof(RFDT)
#define rfdNil   -1
#define cbFIT   sizeof(FIT)
#define ifiNil   -1
#define fiNil   ((pFIT) 0)


typedef struct HDRRpHDRR
typedef struct fdr FDR
typedef struct fdrpFDR
typedef struct pdr PDR
typedef struct pdrpPDR
typedef long LINER
typedef longpLINER
typedef struct SYMRpSYMR
typedef struct ecoff_extr EXTR
typedef struct ecoff_extrpEXTR
typedef struct TIRpTIR
typedef struct RNDXRpRNDXR
typedef struct DNRpDNR
typedef union AUXUpAUXU
typedef struct OPTRpOPTR
typedef long RFDT
typedef longpRFDT
typedef long FIT
typedef longpFIT

Class Documentation

struct HDRR

Definition at line 65 of file sym.h.

Class Members
bfd_vma cbAuxOffset
bfd_vma cbDnOffset
bfd_vma cbExtOffset
bfd_vma cbFdOffset
bfd_vma cbLine
bfd_vma cbLineOffset
bfd_vma cbOptOffset
bfd_vma cbPdOffset
bfd_vma cbRfdOffset
bfd_vma cbSsExtOffset
bfd_vma cbSsOffset
bfd_vma cbSymOffset
long crfd
long iauxMax
long idnMax
long iextMax
long ifdMax
long ilineMax
long ioptMax
long ipdMax
long issExtMax
long issMax
long isymMax
short magic
short vstamp
struct fdr

Definition at line 113 of file sym.h.

Class Members
bfd_vma adr
long caux
bfd_vma cbLine
bfd_vma cbLineOffset
bfd_vma cbSs
long cline
long copt
short cpd
long crfd
long csym
unsigned fBigendian: 1
unsigned fMerge: 1
unsigned fReadin: 1
unsigned glevel: 2
long iauxBase
long ilineBase
long ioptBase
unsigned short ipdFirst
long issBase
long isymBase
unsigned lang: 5
unsigned reserved: 22
long rfdBase
long rss
struct pdr

Definition at line 156 of file sym.h.

Class Members
bfd_vma adr
bfd_vma cbLineOffset
long frameoffset
short framereg
long fregmask
long fregoffset
unsigned gp_prologue: 8
unsigned gp_used: 1
long iline
long iopt
long isym
long lnHigh
long lnLow
unsigned localoff: 8
short pcreg
unsigned prof: 1
unsigned reg_frame: 1
long regmask
long regoffset
unsigned reserved: 13
struct SYMR

Definition at line 232 of file sym.h.

Class Members
unsigned index: 20
long iss
unsigned reserved: 1
unsigned sc: 5
unsigned st: 6
bfd_vma value
struct ecoff_extr

Definition at line 258 of file sym.h.

Collaboration diagram for ecoff_extr:
Class Members
SYMR asym
unsigned cobol_main:1
int ifd
unsigned jmptbl:1
unsigned reserved:13
unsigned weakext:1
struct TIR

Definition at line 275 of file sym.h.

Class Members
unsigned bt: 6
unsigned continued: 1
unsigned fBitfield: 1
unsigned tq0: 4
unsigned tq1: 4
unsigned tq2: 4
unsigned tq3: 4
unsigned tq4: 4
unsigned tq5: 4
struct RNDXR

Definition at line 298 of file sym.h.

Class Members
unsigned index: 20
unsigned rfd: 12
struct DNR

Definition at line 308 of file sym.h.

Class Members
unsigned long index
unsigned long rfd
union AUXU

Definition at line 342 of file sym.h.

Collaboration diagram for AUXU:
Class Members
long count
long dnHigh
long dnLow
long iss
long isym
RNDXR rndx
TIR ti
long width
struct OPTR

Definition at line 368 of file sym.h.

Collaboration diagram for OPTR:
Class Members
unsigned long offset
unsigned ot: 8
RNDXR rndx
unsigned value: 24

Define Documentation

#define auxNil   ((pAUXU)0)

Definition at line 353 of file sym.h.

#define cAuxMax   (6 + (idimMax*3))

Definition at line 339 of file sym.h.

#define cbAUXU   sizeof(AUXU)

Definition at line 352 of file sym.h.

#define cbDNR   sizeof(DNR)

Definition at line 312 of file sym.h.

#define cbEXTR   sizeof(EXTR)

Definition at line 267 of file sym.h.

#define cbFDR   sizeof(FDR)

Definition at line 140 of file sym.h.

#define cbFIT   sizeof(FIT)

Definition at line 398 of file sym.h.

#define cbHDRR   sizeof(HDRR)

Definition at line 93 of file sym.h.

#define cbLINER   sizeof(LINER)

Definition at line 223 of file sym.h.

#define cbOPTR   sizeof(OPTR)

Definition at line 375 of file sym.h.

#define cbPDR   sizeof(PDR)

Definition at line 179 of file sym.h.

#define cbRFDT   sizeof(RFDT)

Definition at line 389 of file sym.h.

#define cbRNDXR   sizeof(RNDXR)

Definition at line 302 of file sym.h.

#define cbSYMR   sizeof(SYMR)

Definition at line 241 of file sym.h.

#define cbTIR   sizeof(TIR)

Definition at line 287 of file sym.h.

#define dnNil   ((pDNR)0)

Definition at line 313 of file sym.h.

#define extNil   ((pEXTR)0)

Definition at line 266 of file sym.h.

#define fdNil   ((pFDR)0)

Definition at line 141 of file sym.h.

#define fiNil   ((pFIT) 0)

Definition at line 400 of file sym.h.

#define hdrNil   ((pHDRR)0)

Definition at line 94 of file sym.h.

#define iauxNil   -1

Definition at line 354 of file sym.h.

#define ifdNil   -1

Definition at line 142 of file sym.h.

#define ifdTemp   0

Definition at line 143 of file sym.h.

#define ifiNil   -1

Definition at line 399 of file sym.h.

#define ilineNil   -1

Definition at line 224 of file sym.h.

#define ilnNil   -1

Definition at line 144 of file sym.h.

#define indexNil   0xfffff

Definition at line 243 of file sym.h.

#define ioptNil   -1

Definition at line 376 of file sym.h.

#define ipdNil   -1

Definition at line 181 of file sym.h.

#define IssFSb (   sb)    (0x80000000 | ((unsigned long)(sb)))

Definition at line 251 of file sym.h.

#define issNil   -1

Definition at line 244 of file sym.h.

#define issNull   0

Definition at line 245 of file sym.h.

#define isymNil   -1

Definition at line 242 of file sym.h.

#define itqMax   6

Definition at line 289 of file sym.h.

#define lineNil   ((pLINER)0)

Definition at line 222 of file sym.h.

#define optNil   ((pOPTR) 0)

Definition at line 374 of file sym.h.

#define pdNil   ((pPDR) 0)

Definition at line 180 of file sym.h.

#define rfdNil   -1

Definition at line 390 of file sym.h.

#define rndxNil   ((pRNDXR)0)

Definition at line 303 of file sym.h.

#define symNil   ((pSYMR)0)

Definition at line 240 of file sym.h.

#define tiNil   ((pTIR)0)

Definition at line 288 of file sym.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct fdr FDR
typedef long FIT

Definition at line 397 of file sym.h.

typedef long LINER

Definition at line 221 of file sym.h.

typedef union AUXU * pAUXU
typedef struct DNR * pDNR
typedef struct pdr PDR
typedef struct ecoff_extr * pEXTR
typedef struct fdr * pFDR
typedef long * pFIT

Definition at line 397 of file sym.h.

typedef struct HDRR * pHDRR
typedef long * pLINER

Definition at line 221 of file sym.h.

typedef struct OPTR * pOPTR
typedef struct pdr * pPDR
typedef long * pRFDT

Definition at line 388 of file sym.h.

typedef struct RNDXR * pRNDXR
typedef struct SYMR * pSYMR
typedef struct TIR * pTIR
typedef long RFDT

Definition at line 388 of file sym.h.