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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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sun4.h File Reference
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struct  external_sun4_dynamic


#define TARGET_PAGE_SIZE   0x2000 /* 8K. aka NBPG in <sys/param.h> */
#define SEG_SIZE_SUN3   0x20000 /* Resolution of r/w protection hw */
#define TEXT_START_ADDR   TARGET_PAGE_SIZE /* Location 0 is not accessible */
#define N_HEADER_IN_TEXT(x)   1
#define N_SEGSIZE(x)
#define N_TXTADDR(x)

Class Documentation

struct external_sun4_dynamic

Definition at line 60 of file sun4.h.

Class Members
bfd_byte ld
bfd_byte ld_version
bfd_byte ldd
struct internal_sun4_dynamic_link

Definition at line 84 of file sun4.h.

Class Members
unsigned long ld_buckets
unsigned long ld_got
unsigned long ld_hash
unsigned long ld_loaded
unsigned long ld_need
unsigned long ld_plt
unsigned long ld_plt_sz
unsigned long ld_rel
unsigned long ld_rules
unsigned long ld_stab
unsigned long ld_stab_hash
unsigned long ld_symb_size
unsigned long ld_symbols
unsigned long ld_text
struct external_sun4_dynamic_link

Definition at line 219 of file sun4.h.

Class Members
bfd_byte ld_buckets
bfd_byte ld_got
bfd_byte ld_hash
bfd_byte ld_loaded
bfd_byte ld_need
bfd_byte ld_plt
bfd_byte ld_plt_sz
bfd_byte ld_rel
bfd_byte ld_rules
bfd_byte ld_stab
bfd_byte ld_stab_hash
bfd_byte ld_symb_size
bfd_byte ld_symbols
bfd_byte ld_text

Define Documentation

Definition at line 78 of file sun4.h.

#define N_HEADER_IN_TEXT (   x)    1

Definition at line 29 of file sun4.h.

#define N_SEGSIZE (   x)
                      N_MACHTYPE(x) == M_68020?  SEG_SIZE_SUN3:       \
                     /* Guess? */                TARGET_PAGE_SIZE)

Definition at line 35 of file sun4.h.

#define N_TXTADDR (   x)

Definition at line 50 of file sun4.h.

Definition at line 25 of file sun4.h.

#define SEG_SIZE_SUN3   0x20000 /* Resolution of r/w protection hw */

Definition at line 26 of file sun4.h.

#define TARGET_PAGE_SIZE   0x2000 /* 8K. aka NBPG in <sys/param.h> */

Definition at line 22 of file sun4.h.

#define TEXT_START_ADDR   TARGET_PAGE_SIZE /* Location 0 is not accessible */

Definition at line 28 of file sun4.h.