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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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struc-symbol.h File Reference
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struct  symbol
struct  local_symbol
union  local_symbol.u


#define local_symbol_converted_p(l)   ((l)->lsy_section == reg_section)
#define local_symbol_mark_converted(l)   ((l)->lsy_section = reg_section)
#define local_symbol_resolved_p(l)   ((l)->u.lsy_frag == NULL)
#define local_symbol_mark_resolved(l)   ((l)->u.lsy_frag = NULL)
#define local_symbol_get_frag(l)   ((l)->u.lsy_frag)
#define local_symbol_set_frag(l, f)   ((l)->u.lsy_frag = (f))
#define local_symbol_get_real_symbol(l)   ((l)->u.lsy_sym)
#define local_symbol_set_real_symbol(l, s)   ((l)->u.lsy_sym = (s))

Class Documentation

struct symbol

Definition at line 29 of file struc-symbol.h.

Collaboration diagram for symbol:
Class Members
asymbol * bsym
unsigned int sy_forward_ref: 1
struct frag * sy_frag
unsigned int sy_mri_common: 1
struct symbol * sy_next
struct symbol * sy_previous
unsigned int sy_resolved: 1
unsigned int sy_resolving: 1
unsigned int sy_used: 1
unsigned int sy_used_in_reloc: 1
expressionS sy_value
unsigned int sy_volatile: 1
unsigned int sy_weakrefd: 1
unsigned int sy_weakrefr: 1
unsigned int written: 1
struct local_symbol

Definition at line 108 of file struc-symbol.h.

Collaboration diagram for local_symbol:
Class Members
asymbol * lsy_marker
const char * lsy_name
segT lsy_section
valueT lsy_value
union local_symbol u
union local_symbol.u

Definition at line 125 of file struc-symbol.h.

Class Members
fragS * lsy_frag
symbolS * lsy_sym

Define Documentation

#define local_symbol_converted_p (   l)    ((l)->lsy_section == reg_section)

Definition at line 139 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_get_frag (   l)    ((l)->u.lsy_frag)

Definition at line 143 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_get_real_symbol (   l)    ((l)->u.lsy_sym)

Definition at line 145 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_mark_converted (   l)    ((l)->lsy_section = reg_section)

Definition at line 140 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_mark_resolved (   l)    ((l)->u.lsy_frag = NULL)

Definition at line 142 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_resolved_p (   l)    ((l)->u.lsy_frag == NULL)

Definition at line 141 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_set_frag (   l,
)    ((l)->u.lsy_frag = (f))

Definition at line 144 of file struc-symbol.h.

#define local_symbol_set_real_symbol (   l,
)    ((l)->u.lsy_sym = (s))

Definition at line 146 of file struc-symbol.h.