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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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som.h File Reference
#include "libhppa.h"
#include <a.out.h>
#include <lst.h>
#include <ar.h>
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struct  som_symbol
struct  som_exec_data
struct  somdata
struct  som_data_struct
struct  som_subspace_dictionary_record
struct  som_copyable_section_data_struct
struct  som_section_data_struct
union  som_symbol.tc_data
struct  som_symbol.tc_data.ap


#define PA_2_0
#define FILE_HDR_SIZE   sizeof (struct header)
#define AUX_HDR_SIZE   sizeof (struct som_exec_auxhdr)
#define somdata(bfd)   ((bfd)->tdata.som_data->a)
#define obj_som_exec_data(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).exec_data)
#define obj_som_file_hdr(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).file_hdr)
#define obj_som_exec_hdr(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).exec_hdr)
#define obj_som_copyright_hdr(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).copyright_aux_hdr)
#define obj_som_version_hdr(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).version_aux_hdr)
#define obj_som_compilation_unit(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).comp_unit)
#define obj_som_symtab(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).symtab)
#define obj_som_stringtab(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).stringtab)
#define obj_som_sym_filepos(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).sym_filepos)
#define obj_som_str_filepos(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).str_filepos)
#define obj_som_stringtab_size(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).stringtab_size)
#define obj_som_reloc_filepos(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).reloc_filepos)
#define obj_som_sorted_syms(bfd)   (somdata (bfd).sorted_syms)
#define som_section_data(sec)   ((struct som_section_data_struct *) sec->used_by_bfd)
#define som_symbol_data(symbol)   ((som_symbol_type *) symbol)
#define R_HPPA_EXIT   R_EXIT


typedef struct som_symbol som_symbol_type


bfd_boolean bfd_som_set_section_attributes (asection *, int, int, unsigned int, int)
bfd_boolean bfd_som_set_subsection_attributes (asection *, asection *, int, unsigned int, int, int, int, int)
void bfd_som_set_symbol_type (asymbol *, unsigned int)
bfd_boolean bfd_som_attach_aux_hdr (bfd *, int, char *)
int ** hppa_som_gen_reloc_type (bfd *, int, int, enum hppa_reloc_field_selector_type_alt, int, asymbol *)
bfd_boolean bfd_som_attach_compilation_unit (bfd *, const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *)

Class Documentation

struct som_symbol

Definition at line 55 of file som.h.

Collaboration diagram for som_symbol:
Class Members
int index
int reloc_count
unsigned int som_type
int stringtab_offset
asymbol symbol
union som_symbol tc_data
struct som_exec_data

Definition at line 90 of file som.h.

Class Members
long exec_flags
short system_id
unsigned int version_id
struct somdata

Definition at line 109 of file som.h.

Collaboration diagram for somdata:
Class Members
COMPUNIT * comp_unit
struct copyright_aux_hdr * copyright_aux_hdr
struct som_exec_data * exec_data
struct som_exec_auxhdr * exec_hdr
struct header * file_hdr
file_ptr reloc_filepos
asymbol ** sorted_syms
file_ptr str_filepos
char * stringtab
unsigned stringtab_size
file_ptr sym_filepos
som_symbol_type * symtab
struct user_string_aux_hdr * version_aux_hdr
struct som_data_struct

Definition at line 141 of file som.h.

struct som_subspace_dictionary_record

Definition at line 146 of file som.h.

Class Members
unsigned int access_control_bits: 7
unsigned int alignment:27
unsigned int code_only: 1
unsigned int continuation: 1
unsigned int dup_common: 1
int file_loc_init_value
int fixup_request_index
unsigned int fixup_request_quantity
unsigned int initialization_length
unsigned int initially_frozen: 1
unsigned int is_comdat: 1
unsigned int is_common: 1
unsigned int is_first: 1
unsigned int is_loadable: 1
unsigned int is_tspecific: 1
unsigned int memory_resident: 1
unsigned int quadrant: 2
unsigned int replicate_init: 1
unsigned int reserved: 4
unsigned int reserved2: 5
unsigned int sort_key: 8
int space_index
unsigned int subspace_length
unsigned int subspace_start
struct som_copyable_section_data_struct

Definition at line 178 of file som.h.

Collaboration diagram for som_copyable_section_data_struct:
Class Members
unsigned int access_control_bits: 7
asection * container
unsigned int dup_common: 1
unsigned int is_comdat: 1
unsigned int is_common: 1
unsigned int is_defined: 1
unsigned int is_private: 1
unsigned int quadrant: 2
unsigned int sort_key: 8
int space_number
struct som_section_data_struct

Definition at line 213 of file som.h.

Collaboration diagram for som_section_data_struct:
Class Members
som_copyable_section_data_struct *
unsigned int reloc_size
unsigned char * reloc_stream
struct space_dictionary_record * space_dict
som_subspace_dictionary_record *
union som_symbol.tc_data

Definition at line 62 of file som.h.

Class Members
PTR any
tc_data ap
struct som_symbol.tc_data.ap

Definition at line 64 of file som.h.

Class Members
unsigned int hppa_arg_reloc
unsigned int hppa_priv_level

Define Documentation

#define AUX_HDR_SIZE   sizeof (struct som_exec_auxhdr)

Definition at line 53 of file som.h.

#define FILE_HDR_SIZE   sizeof (struct header)

Definition at line 52 of file som.h.

Definition at line 228 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_copyright_hdr (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).copyright_aux_hdr)

Definition at line 226 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_exec_data (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).exec_data)

Definition at line 223 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_exec_hdr (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).exec_hdr)

Definition at line 225 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_file_hdr (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).file_hdr)

Definition at line 224 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_reloc_filepos (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).reloc_filepos)

Definition at line 234 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_sorted_syms (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).sorted_syms)

Definition at line 235 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_str_filepos (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).str_filepos)

Definition at line 232 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_stringtab (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).stringtab)

Definition at line 230 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_stringtab_size (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).stringtab_size)

Definition at line 233 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_sym_filepos (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).sym_filepos)

Definition at line 231 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_symtab (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).symtab)

Definition at line 229 of file som.h.

#define obj_som_version_hdr (   bfd)    (somdata (bfd).version_aux_hdr)

Definition at line 227 of file som.h.

#define PA_2_0

Definition at line 31 of file som.h.


Definition at line 249 of file som.h.


Definition at line 251 of file som.h.


Definition at line 256 of file som.h.


Definition at line 258 of file som.h.


Definition at line 255 of file som.h.


Definition at line 257 of file som.h.


Definition at line 259 of file som.h.


Definition at line 253 of file som.h.

#define R_HPPA_EXIT   R_EXIT

Definition at line 254 of file som.h.


Definition at line 252 of file som.h.


Definition at line 248 of file som.h.


Definition at line 250 of file som.h.

#define som_section_data (   sec)    ((struct som_section_data_struct *) sec->used_by_bfd)

Definition at line 236 of file som.h.

#define som_symbol_data (   symbol)    ((som_symbol_type *) symbol)

Definition at line 237 of file som.h.

#define somdata (   bfd)    ((bfd)->tdata.som_data->a)

Definition at line 222 of file som.h.

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

bfd_boolean bfd_som_attach_aux_hdr ( bfd ,
int  ,
char *   

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bfd_boolean bfd_som_attach_compilation_unit ( bfd ,
const char *  ,
const char *  ,
const char *  ,
const char *   

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void bfd_som_set_symbol_type ( asymbol ,
unsigned  int 
int** hppa_som_gen_reloc_type ( bfd ,
int  ,
int  ,
enum  hppa_reloc_field_selector_type_alt,
int  ,