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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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ranlib.h File Reference
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struct  symdef
union  symdef.s


#define RANLIBMAG   "__.SYMDEF" /* Archive file name containing index */
#define RANLIBSKEW   3 /* Creation time offset */
#define ranlib   symdef
#define ran_un   s
#define ran_strx   string_offset
#define ran_name   name
#define ran_off   file_offset

Class Documentation

struct symdef

Definition at line 43 of file ranlib.h.

Class Members
unsigned long file_offset
union symdef s
union symdef.s

Definition at line 45 of file ranlib.h.

Class Members
char * name
unsigned long string_offset

Define Documentation

#define ran_name   name

Definition at line 61 of file ranlib.h.

#define ran_off   file_offset

Definition at line 62 of file ranlib.h.

#define ran_strx   string_offset

Definition at line 60 of file ranlib.h.

#define ran_un   s

Definition at line 59 of file ranlib.h.

#define ranlib   symdef

Definition at line 58 of file ranlib.h.

#define RANLIBMAG   "__.SYMDEF" /* Archive file name containing index */

Definition at line 34 of file ranlib.h.

#define RANLIBSKEW   3 /* Creation time offset */

Definition at line 35 of file ranlib.h.