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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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obj.h File Reference
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struct  format_ops


char * obj_default_output_file_name (void)
void obj_emit_relocations (char **where, fixS *fixP, relax_addressT segment_address_in_file)
void obj_emit_strings (char **where)
void obj_emit_symbols (char **where, symbolS *symbols)
void obj_read_begin_hook (void)
void obj_symbol_new_hook (symbolS *symbolP)
void obj_symbol_to_chars (char **where, symbolS *symbolP)


const pseudo_typeS obj_pseudo_table []
COMMON struct format_opsthis_format

Function Documentation

char* obj_default_output_file_name ( void  )
void obj_emit_relocations ( char **  where,
fixS *  fixP,
relax_addressT  segment_address_in_file 
void obj_emit_strings ( char **  where)
void obj_emit_symbols ( char **  where,
symbolS *  symbols 
void obj_read_begin_hook ( void  )

Definition at line 35 of file obj-evax.c.

void obj_symbol_new_hook ( symbolS *  symbolP)

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void obj_symbol_to_chars ( char **  where,
symbolS *  symbolP 

Variable Documentation

const pseudo_typeS obj_pseudo_table[]

Definition at line 240 of file obj-ecoff.c.

Definition at line 82 of file obj.h.