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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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obj-ecoff.c File Reference
#include "as.h"
#include "coff/internal.h"
#include "bfd/libcoff.h"
#include "bfd/libecoff.h"

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#define OBJ_HEADER   "obj-ecoff.h"
#define n_names   ((int) (sizeof (names) / sizeof (names[0])))
#define SET(ptr, count, type, size)


void ecoff_frob_file_before_fix (void)
void ecoff_frob_file (void)
void obj_ecoff_set_ext (symbolS *sym, EXTR *ext)
static int ecoff_sec_sym_ok_for_reloc (asection *sec ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
static void obj_ecoff_frob_symbol (symbolS *sym, int *puntp ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
static void ecoff_pop_insert (void)
static int ecoff_separate_stab_sections (void)


const pseudo_typeS obj_pseudo_table []

Define Documentation

#define n_names   ((int) (sizeof (names) / sizeof (names[0])))
#define OBJ_HEADER   "obj-ecoff.h"

Definition at line 24 of file obj-ecoff.c.

#define SET (   ptr,
if (hdr->count == 0) \
    ecoff_data (stdoutput)->debug_info.ptr = NULL; \
  else \
    { \
      ecoff_data (stdoutput)->debug_info.ptr = (type) set; \
      set += hdr->count * size; \

Function Documentation

void ecoff_frob_file ( void  )

Definition at line 139 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  const struct ecoff_debug_swap * const debug_swap
    = &ecoff_backend (stdoutput)->debug_swap;
  bfd_vma addr ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED;
  HDRR *hdr;
  char *buf;
  char *set;

  /* Build the ECOFF debugging information.  */
  assert (ecoff_data (stdoutput) != 0);
  hdr = &ecoff_data (stdoutput)->debug_info.symbolic_header;
  ecoff_build_debug (hdr, &buf, debug_swap);

  /* Finish up the ecoff_tdata structure.  */
  set = buf;
#define SET(ptr, count, type, size) \
  if (hdr->count == 0) \
    ecoff_data (stdoutput)->debug_info.ptr = NULL; \
  else \
    { \
      ecoff_data (stdoutput)->debug_info.ptr = (type) set; \
      set += hdr->count * size; \

  SET (line, cbLine, unsigned char *, sizeof (unsigned char));
  SET (external_dnr, idnMax, void *, debug_swap->external_dnr_size);
  SET (external_pdr, ipdMax, void *, debug_swap->external_pdr_size);
  SET (external_sym, isymMax, void *, debug_swap->external_sym_size);
  SET (external_opt, ioptMax, void *, debug_swap->external_opt_size);
  SET (external_aux, iauxMax, union aux_ext *, sizeof (union aux_ext));
  SET (ss, issMax, char *, sizeof (char));
  SET (ssext, issExtMax, char *, sizeof (char));
  SET (external_rfd, crfd, void *, debug_swap->external_rfd_size);
  SET (external_fdr, ifdMax, void *, debug_swap->external_fdr_size);
  SET (external_ext, iextMax, void *, debug_swap->external_ext_size);
#undef SET
void ecoff_frob_file_before_fix ( void  )

Definition at line 37 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  bfd_vma addr;
  asection *sec;

  /* Set the section VMA values.  We force the .sdata and .sbss
     sections to the end to ensure that their VMA addresses are close
     together so that the GP register can address both of them.  We
     put the .bss section after the .sbss section.

     Also, for the Alpha, we must sort the sections, to make sure they
     appear in the output file in the correct order.  (Actually, maybe
     this is a job for BFD.  But the VMAs computed would be out of
     whack if we computed them given our initial, random ordering.
     It's possible that that wouldn't break things; I could do some
     experimenting sometime and find out.

     This output ordering of sections is magic, on the Alpha, at
     least.  The .lita section must come before .lit8 and .lit4,
     otherwise the OSF/1 linker may silently trash the .lit{4,8}
     section contents.  Also, .text must preceed .rdata.  These differ
     from the order described in some parts of the DEC OSF/1 Assembly
     Language Programmer's Guide, but that order doesn't seem to work
     with their linker.

     I don't know if section ordering on the MIPS is important.  */

  static const char *const names[] =
    /* text segment */
    ".text", ".rdata", ".init", ".fini",
    /* data segment */
    ".data", ".lita", ".lit8", ".lit4", ".sdata", ".got",
    /* bss segment */
    ".sbss", ".bss",
#define n_names ((int) (sizeof (names) / sizeof (names[0])))

  /* Sections that match names, order to be straightened out later.  */
  asection *secs[n_names];
  int i;

  addr = 0;
  for (i = 0; i < n_names; i++)
    secs[i] = NULL;

  for (sec = stdoutput->sections; sec != NULL; sec = sec->next)
      for (i = 0; i < n_names; i++)
       if (!strcmp (sec->name, names[i]))
           secs[i] = sec;
           bfd_section_list_remove (stdoutput, sec);
      if (i == n_names)
         bfd_set_section_vma (stdoutput, sec, addr);
         addr += bfd_section_size (stdoutput, sec);
  for (i = 0; i < n_names; i++)
    if (secs[i])
       bfd_set_section_vma (stdoutput, secs[i], addr);
       addr += bfd_section_size (stdoutput, secs[i]);
  for (i = n_names - 1; i >= 0; i--)
    if (secs[i])
      bfd_section_list_prepend (stdoutput, secs[i]);

  /* Fill in the register masks.  */
    unsigned long gprmask = 0;
    unsigned long fprmask = 0;
    unsigned long *cprmask = NULL;

#ifdef TC_MIPS
    /* Fill in the MIPS register masks.  It's probably not worth
       setting up a generic interface for this.  */
    gprmask = mips_gprmask;
    cprmask = mips_cprmask;

#ifdef TC_ALPHA
    alpha_frob_ecoff_data ();

    if (! bfd_ecoff_set_gp_value (stdoutput, alpha_gp_value))
      as_fatal (_("Can't set GP value"));

    gprmask = alpha_gprmask;
    fprmask = alpha_fprmask;

    if (! bfd_ecoff_set_regmasks (stdoutput, gprmask, fprmask, cprmask))
      as_fatal (_("Can't set register masks"));

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static void ecoff_pop_insert ( void  ) [static]

Definition at line 210 of file obj-ecoff.c.

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static int ecoff_sec_sym_ok_for_reloc ( asection *sec  ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED) [static]

Definition at line 198 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  return 1;
static int ecoff_separate_stab_sections ( void  ) [static]

Definition at line 216 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  return 0;
static void obj_ecoff_frob_symbol ( symbolS *  sym,
) [static]

Definition at line 204 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  ecoff_frob_symbol (sym);
void obj_ecoff_set_ext ( symbolS *  sym,
EXTR ext 

Definition at line 183 of file obj-ecoff.c.

  const struct ecoff_debug_swap * const debug_swap
    = &ecoff_backend (stdoutput)->debug_swap;
  ecoff_symbol_type *esym;

  know (bfd_asymbol_flavour (symbol_get_bfdsym (sym))
       == bfd_target_ecoff_flavour);
  esym = ecoffsymbol (symbol_get_bfdsym (sym));
  esym->local = FALSE;
  esym->native = xmalloc (debug_swap->external_ext_size);
  (*debug_swap->swap_ext_out) (stdoutput, ext, esym->native);

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Variable Documentation

const pseudo_typeS obj_pseudo_table[]

Definition at line 240 of file obj-ecoff.c.