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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
nlm.c File Reference
#include "bfd.h"
#include "sysdep.h"
#include "libbfd.h"
#include "libnlm.h"

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bfd_boolean nlm_mkobject (bfd *abfd)
bfd_boolean nlm_set_arch_mach (bfd *abfd, enum bfd_architecture arch, unsigned long machine)

Function Documentation

Definition at line 30 of file nlm.c.

  bfd_size_type amt = sizeof (struct nlm_obj_tdata);

  nlm_tdata (abfd) = bfd_zalloc (abfd, amt);
  if (nlm_tdata (abfd) == NULL)
    return FALSE;

  if (nlm_architecture (abfd) != bfd_arch_unknown)
    bfd_default_set_arch_mach (abfd, nlm_architecture (abfd),
                            nlm_machine (abfd));

  /* Since everything is done at close time, do we need any initialization ?  */
  return TRUE;

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bfd_boolean nlm_set_arch_mach ( bfd abfd,
enum bfd_architecture  arch,
unsigned long  machine 

Definition at line 49 of file nlm.c.

  bfd_default_set_arch_mach (abfd, arch, machine);
  return arch == nlm_architecture (abfd);

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