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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
allinsn.d File Reference

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.fp nop< add3 > fp

Variable Documentation

.fp nop<add3> *<and> fp nop<and3> *<or> fp nop<or3> *<xor> fp nop<xor3> *<addi> * nop<addv> fp nop<addv3> *<addx> fp nop<bc8><add><beqz><add><bgez><add><bgtz><add><blez><add><bltz><add><bnez><add><bl8><add><bra8> fp nop<cmpi> *<cmpu> fp nop<cmpui> *<div> fp<divu> fp<rem> fp<remu> fp<jl> fp nop<ld_2> fp nop<ld_d> fp<ld_d2> fp<ldb> fp nop<ldb_2> fp nop<ldb_d> fp<ldb_d2> fp<ldh> fp nop<ldh_2> fp nop<ldh_d> fp<ldh_d2> fp<ldub> fp nop<ldub_2> fp nop<ldub_d> fp<ldub_d2> fp<lduh> fp nop<lduh_2> fp nop<lduh_d> fp<lduh_d2> fp<ld_plus> fp nop<ld24> *<add> * nop<ldi16> *<lock> fp nop<machi> fp nop<maclo> fp nop<macwhi> fp nop<macwlo> fp nop<mul> fp nop<mulhi> fp nop<mullo> fp nop<mulwhi> fp nop<mulwlo> fp nop<mv> fp nop<mvfachi> psw nop<mvtachi> psw nop<neg> fp nop<nop> fp nop<rac> *<sll> fp nop<sll3> *<slli> * nop<sra> fp nop<sra3> *<srai> * nop<srl> fp nop<srl3> fp

Definition at line 10 of file allinsn.d.