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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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libnlm.h File Reference
#include "nlm/common.h"
#include "nlm/internal.h"
#include "nlm/external.h"
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struct  nlm_relent
struct  nlmNAME
struct  nlm_obj_tdata
struct  reloc_and_sec
struct  nlm_backend_data
union  nlm_obj_tdata.backend_data
struct  nlm_obj_tdata.backend_data.alpha_backend_data


#define nlm_tdata(bfd)   ((bfd) -> tdata.nlm_obj_data)
#define nlm_fixed_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_fixed_hdr)
#define nlm_variable_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_variable_hdr)
#define nlm_version_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_version_hdr)
#define nlm_copyright_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_copyright_hdr)
#define nlm_extended_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_extended_hdr)
#define nlm_custom_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_custom_hdr)
#define nlm_cygnus_ext_header(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_cygnus_ext_hdr)
#define nlm_get_symbols(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols)
#define nlm_set_symbols(bfd, p)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols = (p))
#define nlm_set_text_low(bfd, i)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low = (i))
#define nlm_get_text_low(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low)
#define nlm_set_data_low(bfd, i)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low = (i))
#define nlm_get_data_low(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low)
#define nlm_relocation_fixups(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixups)
#define nlm_relocation_fixup_secs(bfd)   (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixup_secs)
#define nlm_alpha_backend_data(bfd)   (&nlm_tdata (bfd) -> backend_data.alpha_backend_data)
#define nlm_backend(bfd)   ((struct nlm_backend_data *)((bfd) -> xvec -> backend_data))
#define nlm_signature(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> signature)
#define nlm_fixed_header_size(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> fixed_header_size)
#define nlm_optional_prefix_size(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> optional_prefix_size)
#define nlm_architecture(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> arch)
#define nlm_machine(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> mach)
#define nlm_no_uninitialized_data(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> no_uninitialized_data)
#define nlm_backend_object_p_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_backend_object_p)
#define nlm_write_prefix_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_prefix)
#define nlm_read_reloc_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_reloc)
#define nlm_mangle_relocs_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_mangle_relocs)
#define nlm_read_import_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_import)
#define nlm_write_import_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_import)
#define nlm_set_public_section_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_set_public_section)
#define nlm_get_public_offset_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_get_public_offset)
#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_in_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_in)
#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_out_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_out)
#define nlm_write_external_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_external)
#define nlm_write_export_func(bfd)   (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_export)
#define NLM_CODE_NAME   ".text"


bfd_boolean nlm_mkobject (bfd *)
bfd_boolean nlm_set_arch_mach (bfd *, enum bfd_architecture, unsigned long)
void nlmNAME() get_symbol_info (bfd *, asymbol *, symbol_info *)
long nlmNAME() get_symtab_upper_bound (bfd *)
long nlmNAME() canonicalize_symtab (bfd *, asymbol **)
asymbol *nlmNAME() make_empty_symbol (bfd *)
void nlmNAME() print_symbol (bfd *, void *, asymbol *, bfd_print_symbol_type)
long nlmNAME() get_reloc_upper_bound (bfd *, asection *)
long nlmNAME() canonicalize_reloc (bfd *, asection *, arelent **, asymbol **)
const bfd_target *nlmNAME() object_p (bfd *)
bfd_boolean nlmNAME() set_arch_mach (bfd *, enum bfd_architecture, unsigned long)
bfd_boolean nlmNAME() set_section_contents (bfd *, asection *, const void *, file_ptr, bfd_size_type)
bfd_boolean nlmNAME() write_object_contents (bfd *)

Class Documentation

struct nlm_relent

Definition at line 35 of file libnlm.h.

Collaboration diagram for nlm_relent:
Class Members
arelent reloc
asection * section
struct nlmNAME

Definition at line 45 of file libnlm.h.

Collaboration diagram for nlmNAME:
Class Members
bfd_size_type rcnt
struct nlm_relent * relocs
asymbol symbol
struct reloc_and_sec

Definition at line 126 of file libnlm.h.

Collaboration diagram for reloc_and_sec:
Class Members
arelent * rel
asection * sec
union nlm_obj_tdata.backend_data

Definition at line 93 of file libnlm.h.

Class Members
backend_data alpha_backend_data
struct nlm_obj_tdata.backend_data.alpha_backend_data

Definition at line 95 of file libnlm.h.

Class Members
bfd_vma gp
bfd_vma lita_address
bfd_size_type lita_size

Define Documentation

#define nlm_alpha_backend_data (   bfd)    (&nlm_tdata (bfd) -> backend_data.alpha_backend_data)

Definition at line 122 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_architecture (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> arch)

Definition at line 197 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_backend (   bfd)    ((struct nlm_backend_data *)((bfd) -> xvec -> backend_data))

Definition at line 193 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_backend_object_p_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_backend_object_p)

Definition at line 200 of file libnlm.h.

#define NLM_CODE_NAME   ".text"

Definition at line 217 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_copyright_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_copyright_hdr)

Definition at line 110 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_custom_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_custom_hdr)

Definition at line 112 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_cygnus_ext_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_cygnus_ext_hdr)

Definition at line 113 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_extended_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_extended_hdr)

Definition at line 111 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_fixed_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_fixed_hdr)

Definition at line 107 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_fixed_header_size (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> fixed_header_size)

Definition at line 195 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_get_data_low (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low)

Definition at line 119 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_get_public_offset_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_get_public_offset)

Definition at line 207 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_get_symbols (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols)

Definition at line 114 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_get_text_low (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low)

Definition at line 117 of file libnlm.h.


Definition at line 218 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_machine (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> mach)

Definition at line 198 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_mangle_relocs_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_mangle_relocs)

Definition at line 203 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_no_uninitialized_data (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> no_uninitialized_data)

Definition at line 199 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_optional_prefix_size (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> optional_prefix_size)

Definition at line 196 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_read_import_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_import)

Definition at line 204 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_read_reloc_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_read_reloc)

Definition at line 202 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_relocation_fixup_secs (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixup_secs)

Definition at line 121 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_relocation_fixups (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_reloc_fixups)

Definition at line 120 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_set_data_low (   bfd,
)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_data_low = (i))

Definition at line 118 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_set_public_section_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_set_public_section)

Definition at line 206 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_set_symbols (   bfd,
)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_symbols = (p))

Definition at line 115 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_set_text_low (   bfd,
)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_text_low = (i))

Definition at line 116 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_signature (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> signature)

Definition at line 194 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_in_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_in)

Definition at line 208 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_swap_fixed_header_out_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_swap_fhdr_out)

Definition at line 209 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_tdata (   bfd)    ((bfd) -> tdata.nlm_obj_data)

Definition at line 106 of file libnlm.h.


Definition at line 219 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_variable_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_variable_hdr)

Definition at line 108 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_version_header (   bfd)    (nlm_tdata (bfd) -> nlm_version_hdr)

Definition at line 109 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_write_export_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_export)

Definition at line 211 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_write_external_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_external)

Definition at line 210 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_write_import_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_import)

Definition at line 205 of file libnlm.h.

#define nlm_write_prefix_func (   bfd)    (nlm_backend (bfd) -> nlm_write_prefix)

Definition at line 201 of file libnlm.h.

Function Documentation

long nlmNAME() canonicalize_reloc ( bfd ,
asection ,
arelent **  ,
asymbol **   

Definition at line 814 of file hp300hpux.c.

  unsigned int counter = 0;
  aout_symbol_type *symbase;

  if (obj_aout_subformat (abfd) == gnu_encap_format)
    return aout_32_canonicalize_symtab (abfd, location);

  if (!MY (slurp_symbol_table) (abfd))
    return -1;

  for (symbase = obj_aout_symbols (abfd); counter++ < bfd_get_symcount (abfd);)
    *(location++) = (asymbol *) (symbase++);
  *location++ = 0;
  return bfd_get_symcount (abfd);

Here is the call graph for this function:

void nlmNAME() get_symbol_info ( bfd ,
asymbol ,

Definition at line 834 of file hp300hpux.c.

  if (obj_aout_subformat (abfd) == gnu_encap_format)
    return aout_32_get_symtab_upper_bound (abfd);
  if (!MY (slurp_symbol_table) (abfd))
    return -1;

  return (bfd_get_symcount (abfd) + 1) * (sizeof (aout_symbol_type *));

Here is the call graph for this function:

Definition at line 30 of file nlm.c.

  bfd_size_type amt = sizeof (struct nlm_obj_tdata);

  nlm_tdata (abfd) = bfd_zalloc (abfd, amt);
  if (nlm_tdata (abfd) == NULL)
    return FALSE;

  if (nlm_architecture (abfd) != bfd_arch_unknown)
    bfd_default_set_arch_mach (abfd, nlm_architecture (abfd),
                            nlm_machine (abfd));

  /* Since everything is done at close time, do we need any initialization ?  */
  return TRUE;

Here is the call graph for this function:

bfd_boolean nlm_set_arch_mach ( bfd ,
enum  bfd_architecture,
unsigned  long 

Definition at line 49 of file nlm.c.

  bfd_default_set_arch_mach (abfd, arch, machine);
  return arch == nlm_architecture (abfd);

Here is the call graph for this function:

void nlmNAME() print_symbol ( bfd ,
void *  ,
asymbol ,

Here is the caller graph for this function:

bfd_boolean nlmNAME() set_arch_mach ( bfd ,
enum  bfd_architecture,
unsigned  long