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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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libieee.h File Reference
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struct  ieee_symbol_index_type
struct  ct
struct  ieee_symbol
struct  ieee_reloc
struct  ieee_per_section
struct  common_header_type
struct  ieee_data_struct
struct  ieee_ar_obstack_type
struct  ieee_ar_data_struct


#define ieee_symbol(x)   ((ieee_symbol_type *)(x))
#define ieee_per_section(x)   ((ieee_per_section_type *)((x)->used_by_bfd))
#define IEEE_DATA(abfd)   ((abfd)->tdata.ieee_data)
#define IEEE_AR_DATA(abfd)   ((abfd)->tdata.ieee_ar_data)
#define ptr(abfd)   (ieee_data(abfd)->input_p)


typedef struct ct bfd_chain_type
typedef struct ieee_symbol ieee_symbol_type
typedef struct ieee_reloc ieee_reloc_type
typedef struct ieee_per_section ieee_per_section_type
typedef struct ieee_data_struct ieee_data_type
typedef struct ieee_ar_data_struct ieee_ar_data_type

Class Documentation

struct ieee_symbol_index_type

Definition at line 22 of file libieee.h.

Class Members
unsigned int index:24
char letter
struct ct

Definition at line 27 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ct:
Class Members
struct ct * next
bfd * this
struct ieee_symbol

Definition at line 32 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_symbol:
Class Members
unsigned int index
struct ieee_symbol * next
asymbol symbol
struct ieee_reloc

Definition at line 41 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_reloc:
Class Members
struct ieee_reloc * next
arelent relent
ieee_symbol_index_type symbol
struct ieee_per_section

Definition at line 50 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_per_section:
Class Members
unsigned int current_byte
file_ptr current_pos
bfd_byte * data
bfd_boolean initialized
bfd_vma offset
bfd_vma pc
ieee_reloc_type ** reloc_tail_ptr
asection * section
struct common_header_type

Definition at line 65 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for common_header_type:
Class Members
bfd * abfd
unsigned char * first_byte
unsigned char * input_p
unsigned char * last_byte
struct ieee_data_struct

Definition at line 72 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_data_struct:
Class Members
ieee_address_descriptor_type ad
bfd_chain_type * chain_head
bfd_chain_type * chain_root
bfd_boolean done_debug
ieee_symbol_type * external_reference
int external_reference_base_offset
unsigned int external_reference_count
unsigned int external_reference_max_index
unsigned int external_reference_min_index
int external_symbol_base_offset
unsigned int external_symbol_count
unsigned int external_symbol_max_index
unsigned int external_symbol_min_index
ieee_symbol_type * external_symbols
common_header_type h
unsigned int map_idx
ieee_module_begin_type mb
file_ptr output_cursor
bfd_boolean read_data
bfd_boolean read_symbols
unsigned int section_count
asection ** section_table
unsigned int section_table_size
bfd_boolean symbol_table_full
ieee_w_variable_type w
struct ieee_ar_obstack_type

Definition at line 117 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_ar_obstack_type:
Class Members
bfd * abfd
file_ptr file_offset
struct ieee_ar_data_struct

Definition at line 122 of file libieee.h.

Collaboration diagram for ieee_ar_data_struct:
Class Members
unsigned int element_count
unsigned int element_index
ieee_ar_obstack_type * elements
common_header_type h

Define Documentation

#define IEEE_AR_DATA (   abfd)    ((abfd)->tdata.ieee_ar_data)

Definition at line 133 of file libieee.h.

#define IEEE_DATA (   abfd)    ((abfd)->tdata.ieee_data)

Definition at line 132 of file libieee.h.

#define ieee_per_section (   x)    ((ieee_per_section_type *)((x)->used_by_bfd))

Definition at line 63 of file libieee.h.

#define ieee_symbol (   x)    ((ieee_symbol_type *)(x))

Definition at line 48 of file libieee.h.

#define ptr (   abfd)    (ieee_data(abfd)->input_p)

Definition at line 135 of file libieee.h.

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