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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
lbranch-dwarf2.d File Reference

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.*Must be switched to a jmp
to a jsr
to a bne jmp d

Variable Documentation

to a bne jmp d

Definition at line 29 of file lbranch-dwarf2.d.

to a beq jmp

Definition at line 17 of file lbranch-dwarf2.d.

c007< tramp\._far_bar > ldy c00a< tramp\._far_bar\+0x3 > call c049< __far_trampoline > c00e< _start > lds c011< _start\+0x3 > ldx c014< _start\+0x6 > pshx c015< _start\+0x7 > ldd c018< _start\+0xa > ldx c01b< _start\+0xd > jsr c007< tramp._far_bar > c01e< _start\+0x10 > cpx c021< _start\+0x13 > bne c043< fail > c023< _start\+0x15 > cpd c026< _start\+0x18 > bne c043< fail > c028< _start\+0x1a > pulx c029< _start\+0x1b > cpx c02c< _start\+0x1e > bne c043< fail > c02e< _start\+0x20 > ldd c031< _start\+0x23 > xgdx c033< _start\+0x25 > X c035< _start\+0x27 > ldd c038< _start\+0x2a > xgdy c03a< _start\+0x2c > jsr

Definition at line 23 of file lbranch-dwarf2.d.