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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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ns32k.h File Reference
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struct  ns32k_opcode


#define DEF_MODEC   20
#define DEF_MODEL   20
#define MAX_ARGS   4
#define ARG_LEN   50


static struct ns32k_opcode []

Class Documentation

struct ns32k_opcode

Definition at line 82 of file ns32k.h.

Class Members
const char * default_args
char default_modec
char default_model
unsigned char im_size
const char * name
unsigned char opcode_id_size
unsigned long opcode_seed
unsigned char opcode_size
const char * operands

Define Documentation

#define ARG_LEN   50

Definition at line 486 of file ns32k.h.

#define DEF_MODEC   20

Definition at line 27 of file ns32k.h.

#define DEF_MODEL   20

Definition at line 31 of file ns32k.h.

#define MAX_ARGS   4

Definition at line 485 of file ns32k.h.

Variable Documentation

struct ns32k_opcode[] [static]

Definition at line 154 of file ns32k.h.