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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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i386dynix.c File Reference
#include "aout/dynix3.h"
#include "aoutx.h"
#include "aout-target.h"

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#define TEXT_START_ADDR   4096
#define TARGET_PAGE_SIZE   4096
#define DEFAULT_ARCH   bfd_arch_i386
#define MACHTYPE_OK(mtype)   ((mtype) == M_386 || (mtype) == M_UNKNOWN)
#define MY(OP)   CONCAT2 (i386dynix_,OP)
#define TARGETNAME   "a.out-i386-dynix"
#define NAME(x, y)   CONCAT3 (i386dynix,_32_,y)
#define ARCH_SIZE   32
#define NAME_swap_exec_header_in   NAME(i386dynix_32_,swap_exec_header_in)
#define MY_get_section_contents   aout_32_get_section_contents
#define NMAGIC   0
#define a_shdata   a_tload
#define a_shdrsize   a_dload


void i386dynix_32_swap_exec_header_in (bfd *abfd, struct external_exec *raw_bytes, struct internal_exec *execp)

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#define a_shdata   a_tload

Definition at line 52 of file i386dynix.c.

#define a_shdrsize   a_dload

Definition at line 53 of file i386dynix.c.

#define ARCH_SIZE   32

Definition at line 38 of file i386dynix.c.


Definition at line 44 of file i386dynix.c.

Definition at line 29 of file i386dynix.c.

#define MACHTYPE_OK (   mtype)    ((mtype) == M_386 || (mtype) == M_UNKNOWN)

Definition at line 30 of file i386dynix.c.

#define MY (   OP)    CONCAT2 (i386dynix_,OP)

Definition at line 35 of file i386dynix.c.

Definition at line 40 of file i386dynix.c.

#define NAME (   x,
)    CONCAT3 (i386dynix,_32_,y)

Definition at line 37 of file i386dynix.c.

#define NAME_swap_exec_header_in   NAME(i386dynix_32_,swap_exec_header_in)

Definition at line 39 of file i386dynix.c.

#define NMAGIC   0

Definition at line 43 of file i386dynix.c.


Definition at line 45 of file i386dynix.c.

Definition at line 25 of file i386dynix.c.

#define TARGET_PAGE_SIZE   4096

Definition at line 24 of file i386dynix.c.

#define TARGETNAME   "a.out-i386-dynix"

Definition at line 36 of file i386dynix.c.

#define TEXT_START_ADDR   4096

Definition at line 23 of file i386dynix.c.

Function Documentation

void i386dynix_32_swap_exec_header_in ( bfd abfd,
struct external_exec raw_bytes,
struct internal_exec execp 

Definition at line 56 of file i386dynix.c.

  struct external_exec *bytes = (struct external_exec *)raw_bytes;

  /* The internal_exec structure has some fields that are unused in this
     configuration (IE for i960), so ensure that all such uninitialized
     fields are zero'd out.  There are places where two of these structs
     are memcmp'd, and thus the contents do matter. */
  memset ((PTR) execp, 0, sizeof (struct internal_exec));
  /* Now fill in fields in the execp, from the bytes in the raw data.  */
  execp->a_info   = H_GET_32 (abfd, bytes->e_info);
  execp->a_text   = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_text);
  execp->a_data   = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_data);
  execp->a_bss    = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_bss);
  execp->a_syms   = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_syms);
  execp->a_entry  = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_entry);
  execp->a_trsize = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_trsize);
  execp->a_drsize = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_drsize);
  execp->a_shdata = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_shdata);
  execp->a_shdrsize = GET_WORD (abfd, bytes->e_shdrsize);

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