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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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hp.h File Reference
#include "../a.out.gnu.h"

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struct  exec


#define N_MAGIC(exec)   ((exec) . a_magic)
#define N_MACHTYPE(exec)   ((exec) . a_machtype)
#define N_SET_MAGIC(exec, magic)   (((exec) . a_magic) = (magic))
#define N_SET_MACHTYPE(exec, machtype)   (((exec) . a_machtype) = (machtype))
#define N_BADMAG(x)   ((_N_BADMAG (x)) || (_N_BADMACH (x)))
#define _N_BADMACH(x)
#define HP98x6_ID   0x20A
#define HP9000S200_ID   0x20C
#define _N_HDROFF(x)   (SEGMENT_SIZE - (sizeof (struct exec)))
#define SEGMENT_SIZE   0x1000

Class Documentation

struct exec

Definition at line 92 of file aout_gnu.h.

Class Members
unsigned long a_bss
unsigned a_bss
unsigned long a_data
unsigned a_data
unsigned long a_drsize
unsigned a_drsize
unsigned long a_entry
unsigned a_entry
unsigned long a_info
unsigned short a_machtype
unsigned short a_magic
unsigned long a_spare1
unsigned long a_spare2
unsigned long a_spare3
unsigned long a_spare4
unsigned long a_spare5
unsigned long a_spare6
unsigned long a_spare7
unsigned long a_spare8
unsigned long a_syms
unsigned a_syms
unsigned long a_text
unsigned a_text
unsigned long a_trsize
unsigned a_trsize

Define Documentation

Definition at line 50 of file hp.h.

#define _N_BADMACH (   x)
(((N_MACHTYPE (x)) != HP9000S200_ID) &&                               \
 ((N_MACHTYPE (x)) != HP98x6_ID))

Definition at line 70 of file hp.h.

#define _N_HDROFF (   x)    (SEGMENT_SIZE - (sizeof (struct exec)))

Definition at line 78 of file hp.h.

#define HP9000S200_ID   0x20C

Definition at line 75 of file hp.h.

#define HP98x6_ID   0x20A

Definition at line 74 of file hp.h.

#define N_BADMAG (   x)    ((_N_BADMAG (x)) || (_N_BADMACH (x)))

Definition at line 68 of file hp.h.

#define N_MACHTYPE (   exec)    ((exec) . a_machtype)

Definition at line 63 of file hp.h.

#define N_MAGIC (   exec)    ((exec) . a_magic)

Definition at line 62 of file hp.h.

#define N_SET_MACHTYPE (   exec,
)    (((exec) . a_machtype) = (machtype))

Definition at line 65 of file hp.h.

#define N_SET_MAGIC (   exec,
)    (((exec) . a_magic) = (magic))

Definition at line 64 of file hp.h.

#define SEGMENT_SIZE   0x1000

Definition at line 80 of file hp.h.