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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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h8500.h File Reference
#include "coff/external.h"
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struct  external_reloc


#define L_LNNO_SIZE   4
#define H8500MAGIC   0x8500
#define H8500BADMAG(x)   ((0xffff && ((x).f_magic) != H8500MAGIC))
#define RELOC   struct external_reloc
#define RELSZ   16

Class Documentation

struct external_reloc

Definition at line 95 of file alpha.h.

Class Members
char pad
unsigned char r_bits
char r_offset
char r_reserved
char r_size
char r_spare
char r_stuff
char r_symndx
unsigned char r_symndx
char r_type
char r_vaddr
unsigned char r_vaddr

Define Documentation

#define H8500BADMAG (   x)    ((0xffff && ((x).f_magic) != H8500MAGIC))

Definition at line 24 of file h8500.h.

#define H8500MAGIC   0x8500

Definition at line 22 of file h8500.h.

#define L_LNNO_SIZE   4

Definition at line 19 of file h8500.h.

#define RELOC   struct external_reloc

Definition at line 41 of file h8500.h.

#define RELSZ   16

Definition at line 42 of file h8500.h.