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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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go32exe.h File Reference

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struct  external_filehdr_go32_exe


#define STUBSIZE   2048
#define FILHDR   struct external_filehdr_go32_exe
#define FILHSZ   STUBSIZE+20

Class Documentation

struct external_filehdr_go32_exe

Definition at line 21 of file go32exe.h.

Class Members
char f_flags
char f_magic
char f_nscns
char f_nsyms
char f_opthdr
char f_symptr
char f_timdat
char stub

Define Documentation

Definition at line 35 of file go32exe.h.

#define FILHSZ   STUBSIZE+20

Definition at line 37 of file go32exe.h.

#define STUBSIZE   2048

Definition at line 19 of file go32exe.h.