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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
for.d File Reference

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.%d0< foo\+(0x|) 6 > cmpiw< foo\+(0x|) a > blts< foo\+(0x|) 16 >< foo\+(0x|) c > addw% d0

Variable Documentation

.% d0<foo\+(0x|)6> cmpiw<foo\+(0x|)a> blts<foo\+(0x|)16><foo\+(0x|)c> addw % % d1<foo\+(0x|)e> bvcs<foo\+(0x|)12><foo\+(0x|)10> bras<foo\+(0x|)16><foo\+(0x|)12> addqw<foo\+(0x|)14> bras<foo\+(0x|)6><foo\+(0x|)16> clrw % d1<foo\+(0x|)18> movew<foo\+(0x|)1c> cmpiw<foo\+(0x|)20> bgts<foo\+(0x|)30><foo\+(0x|)22> cmpiw<foo\+(0x|)26> blts<foo\+(0x|)2a><foo\+(0x|)28> bras<foo\+(0x|)2c><foo\+(0x|)2a> addw % d0

Definition at line 11 of file for.d.