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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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00001 /* Macros for the 'type' part of an fopen, freopen or fdopen. 
00003        <Read|Write>[Update]<Binary file|text file>
00005    This version is for VMS systems, where text and binary files are
00006    different.
00007    This file is designed for inclusion by host-dependent .h files.  No
00008    user application should include it directly, since that would make
00009    the application unable to be configured for both "same" and "binary"
00010    variant systems.  */
00012 #define FOPEN_RB     "rb","rfm=var"
00013 #define FOPEN_WB     "wb","rfm=var"
00014 #define FOPEN_AB     "ab","rfm=var"
00015 #define FOPEN_RUB    "r+b","rfm=var"
00016 #define FOPEN_WUB    "w+b","rfm=var"
00017 #define FOPEN_AUB    "a+b","rfm=var"
00019 #define FOPEN_RT     "r"
00020 #define FOPEN_WT     "w"
00021 #define FOPEN_AT     "a"
00022 #define FOPEN_RUT    "r+"
00023 #define FOPEN_WUT    "w+"
00024 #define FOPEN_AUT    "a+"