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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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00001 /* Macros for the 'type' part of an fopen, freopen or fdopen. 
00003        <Read|Write>[Update]<Binary file|text file>
00005    This version is for "binary" systems, where text and binary files are
00006    different.  An example is Mess-Dose.  Many Unix systems could also
00007    cope with a "b" in the string, indicating binary files, but some reject this
00008    (and thereby don't conform to ANSI C, but what else is new?).
00010    This file is designed for inclusion by host-dependent .h files.  No
00011    user application should include it directly, since that would make
00012    the application unable to be configured for both "same" and "binary"
00013    variant systems.  */
00015 #define FOPEN_RB     "rb"
00016 #define FOPEN_WB     "wb"
00017 #define FOPEN_AB     "ab"
00018 #define FOPEN_RUB    "r+b"
00019 #define FOPEN_WUB    "w+b"
00020 #define FOPEN_AUB    "a+b"
00022 #define FOPEN_RT     "r"
00023 #define FOPEN_WT     "w"
00024 #define FOPEN_AT     "a"
00025 #define FOPEN_RUT    "r+"
00026 #define FOPEN_WUT    "w+"
00027 #define FOPEN_AUT    "a+"