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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
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encap.h File Reference

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struct  coffheader
struct  coffheader::coffscn


#define N_FLAGS_COFF_ENCAPSULATE   0x20 /* coff header precedes bsd header */
#define COFF_MAGIC_I386   0514 /* I386MAGIC */
#define COFF_MAGIC_M68K   0520 /* MC68MAGIC */
#define HEADER_OFFSET(f)   0
#define HEADER_SEEK(f)   (fseek ((f), HEADER_OFFSET((f)), 1))
#define _N_HDROFF(x)
#define N_TXTADDR(x)
#define SEGMENT_SIZE   0x400000
#define N_DATADDR(x)

Class Documentation

struct coffheader

Definition at line 43 of file encap.h.

Collaboration diagram for coffheader:
Class Members
long bsize
long data_start
long dsize
long entry
unsigned short f_flags
unsigned short f_magic
unsigned short f_nscns
long f_nsyms
unsigned short f_opthdr
long f_symptr
long f_timdat
short magic
struct coffscn scns
long text_start
long tsize
short vstamp
struct coffheader::coffscn

Definition at line 62 of file encap.h.

Class Members
long s_flags
long s_lnnoptr
char s_name
unsigned short s_nlnno
unsigned short s_nreloc
long s_paddr
long s_relptr
long s_scnptr
long s_size
long s_vaddr

Define Documentation

#define _N_HDROFF (   x)
                    sizeof (struct coffheader) : 0)

Definition at line 122 of file encap.h.

#define COFF_MAGIC_I386   0514 /* I386MAGIC */

Definition at line 86 of file encap.h.

#define COFF_MAGIC_M68K   0520 /* MC68MAGIC */

Definition at line 87 of file encap.h.

#define HEADER_OFFSET (   f)    0

Definition at line 97 of file encap.h.

#define HEADER_SEEK (   f)    (fseek ((f), HEADER_OFFSET((f)), 1))

Definition at line 100 of file encap.h.

#define N_DATADDR (   x)
        (SEGMENT_SIZE + ((N_TXTADDR(x)+(x).a_text-1) & ~(SEGMENT_SIZE-1))) : \

Definition at line 131 of file encap.h.

#define N_FLAGS_COFF_ENCAPSULATE   0x20 /* coff header precedes bsd header */

Definition at line 39 of file encap.h.

#define N_TXTADDR (   x)
        sizeof (struct coffheader) + sizeof (struct exec) : 0)

Definition at line 126 of file encap.h.

#define SEGMENT_SIZE   0x400000

Definition at line 129 of file encap.h.