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cell-binutils  2.17cvs20070401
ppc.h File Reference
#include "elf/reloc-macros.h"
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#define R_PPC_RELAX32   245
#define R_PPC_RELAX32PC   246
#define R_PPC_RELAX32_PLT   247
#define R_PPC_RELAX32PC_PLT   248
#define IS_PPC_TLS_RELOC(R)   ((R) >= R_PPC_TLS && (R) <= R_PPC_GOT_DTPREL16_HA)
#define EF_PPC_EMB   0x80000000 /* PowerPC embedded flag. */
#define EF_PPC_RELOCATABLE   0x00010000 /* PowerPC -mrelocatable flag. */
#define EF_PPC_RELOCATABLE_LIB   0x00008000 /* PowerPC -mrelocatable-lib flag. */

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Definition at line 149 of file ppc.h.

#define EF_PPC_EMB   0x80000000 /* PowerPC embedded flag. */

Definition at line 153 of file ppc.h.

#define EF_PPC_RELOCATABLE   0x00010000 /* PowerPC -mrelocatable flag. */

Definition at line 155 of file ppc.h.

#define EF_PPC_RELOCATABLE_LIB   0x00008000 /* PowerPC -mrelocatable-lib flag. */

Definition at line 156 of file ppc.h.

#define IS_PPC_TLS_RELOC (   R)    ((R) >= R_PPC_TLS && (R) <= R_PPC_GOT_DTPREL16_HA)

Definition at line 145 of file ppc.h.

#define R_PPC_RELAX32   245

Definition at line 124 of file ppc.h.

#define R_PPC_RELAX32_PLT   247

Definition at line 126 of file ppc.h.

#define R_PPC_RELAX32PC   246

Definition at line 125 of file ppc.h.

#define R_PPC_RELAX32PC_PLT   248

Definition at line 127 of file ppc.h.

0x80000000    /* Link editor is to exclude \
                                             this section from executable \
                                             and shared objects that it \
                                             builds when those objects \
                                             are not to be furhter \
                                             relocated.  */

Definition at line 164 of file ppc.h.

SHT_HIPROC    /* Link editor is to sort the \
                                             entries in this section \
                                             based on the address \
                                             specified in the associated \
                                             symbol table entry.  */

Definition at line 160 of file ppc.h.